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How to make thread on the mold? Mainly divided into external thread and internal thread according to the position of the thread. The so-called external thread is that the thread is exposed to the outside, and the internal thread is the thread inside the product. External threads are usually made with sliders. The threads made in this way are often called broken threads. There are usually two ways to screw internal threads. One is by hand, the other is by means of a motor.

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First, the product does not have specific technical requirements specific to the mould and mold industry.

Second, many components and equipment accessories do not provide the required quality, especially for some electronic components, some mechanical parts, and CNC systems.

Third, assembly quality and comprehensive service capabilities, especially after-sales service.

Rheo-Plast Associates Technology Consulting has been working on application development and laboratory testing of Nan-O-Sil ASD colloidal synthetic silica. Dr. Shah is the head of the company. According to Dr. Shah, the technology can be improved. Mold dimensional stability, in addition, Nan-O-Sil ASD is said to improve color dispersion, allowing some molds to reduce colorant levels.

Injection molding is widely used to make a variety of parts. The injection molding process has four simple steps from the smallest part to the entire body panel. These steps include plasticizing, injecting, solidifying, and ejecting.Injection cycle time is usually in the range of 10 to 100 seconds and controls the cooling time by melting the plastic.You might need air cooler mould to speed it up.